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TrustPortal at AWS Automations Fest 2023

TrustPortal is proud to be participating at Automations Fest 2023, hosted by the AWS Automations Solutions business, that kicks off on 11 December 2023.

The week-long, virtual event is a celebration of successful Automations on AWS! It’s a cornucopia of live and curated multi-modal content including presentations, virtual exhibitions, and round tables.

Automations Fest 2023 is for select AWS customers to share, learn, and unlock the future of automations for their business.

  • Engage in Enterprise Automations topic discussions and networking.

  • Discover Automations Solutions on AWS in specially constructed exhibition halls in cyberspace.

  • Hear from leaders driving 20-60% reduction in cost and 50% increase in operational effectiveness.

Between 11-13 December, TrustPortal will also show how to unlock the potential of automation tools, tech, and teams - using GenAI and advanced HyperAutomation as a service. The company will reveal how enterprises generate new ways of transforming digital services experiences for employees and customers – faster, without major investments.

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