End-to-end digitisation

Use our platform to deliver better work, smarter by easily enabling totally digitised end-to-end processes, from the back to front-office – across the most challenging, complex, enterprise legacy environments.


You’ll then provide a vast range of digitally transformed services, across all work functions, that provide greatly enhanced customer and employee experiences, via any channel – faster and easier than ever, at scale, for much less.

Key Gains
  • Transformed, end-to-end, digital processes - with up to 90% reduction in operational costs achievable

  • All paper-based and manual processes seamlessly replaced

  • New high value, lower cost digital channels – including web employee and customer self-service portals

  • Transformed customer journeys leading to higher Net Promoter scores, greater retention and more 

  • Increased process compliance, efficiency, accuracy, speed and quality

  • Seamless augmentation of any AI and automation tool to enrich your team’s performance and deliver previously impossible, transformative outcomes

  • Real process transformation without coding, delivered at lower cost in weeks – not years 

Here’s how our customers are achieving end-to-end digitisation

A leading insurance provider now provides digitised end-to-end quote & buy and claims processes - across key channels, including self-service. These transformed services are being delivered much faster, with less resources - regardless of legacy mainframe constraints  

A leading telecommunication provider digitises end-to-end product set up processes, delivering a better, smarter, transformed service, across multi-channels, including self-service. This was achieved with unmatched ease, speed and scale, for much less across a complex legacy system environment  


Top Capabilities

Transformed digital services delivered across the most challenging and complex legacy infrastructure environments

Work transformed by straight though processing, with automated exception handling 

10% of cost of automation including re-use of automations across all channels 

Streamlined, ‘right first time’, process interactions for employees and customers 

Employee interactions augmented with AI and cognitive tools, operating in tandem with robots, to deliver next best action, problem diagnosis and more

Web self-service with simple robot guided interactions 

Can support widest range of large-scale process transformation  

Fully compatible with home-working and mobile working: as only a browser needed


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