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Internet of Things or IoT promises to transform every industry with billions of “smart” IoT devices connecting, collecting and sharing data: enabling new services and ways of working that identify and solve issues before they occur.

But huge IoT investments and efforts aren’t yet delivering benefits: over 70% of IoT projects are failing.

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Most organisations can’t immediately understand and react to real-time IoT data due to integration challenges with multiple old systems, or difficulty bringing instant human experience and AI insights into IoT-initiated processes.


We provide the smartest way to swiftly remove the challenges of delivering highly valuable, ultra-secure, pre-emptive, and preventative IoT services that reduce risks, cut costs and increase productivity.

Release IoT's potential

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Connected Automation for IoT solves all these challenges by intelligently orchestrating multi-vendor software robots, API MiniBots, AI and staff to interoperate in real-time as an augmented digital workforce.

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This digital workforce delivers high-speed, data-rich, end-to-end processes that enable IoT devices to instantly inter-communicate and securely work with physical and digital systems of all ages, sizes and complexities.

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Asset Management, Field Service Scheduling, Predictive Maintenance, Remote monitoring, Services Portal, Work Order Execution, and many other use cases are now possible across industrial, consumer, commercial and other sectors.

IoT devices in distribution can quickly notice supply-chain disruption, in healthcare they can spot serious health issues, or highlight issues early at homes, offices, factories or in the field.


Key benefits

Better connected responsive services
Create new pre-emptive and preventative services to address issues before they occur and deliver real-time compliance with industry regulations.

Reduce risks faster
Achieve 65% faster IoT response times to minimise the costly impacts of downtime and service failures.

Minimise costs maximise technology ROI
Achieve over 30% cost savings while augmenting and extending scope of all existing technologies to deliver ROI in months: at 10% of the cost of traditional automation and digitisation approaches.

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Niels Roberts




“Our UK-based Automation Centre of Excellence uses TrustPortal’s Connected Automation capabilities hosted on AWS, to support our 3500 home and office-based employees across our retail business."

“TrustPortal intelligently orchestrates our virtual workforce, co-working with our advisors to transform over 40 front -office processes, into faster, more efficient, higher quality services - across multiple channels. "

“We’ve seen improved completion times for complex processes, 98% completion rates, improved efficiency, quality and customer experience as well as reduced advisor training effort.”

Key features

Bring your own robot

Human and AI enriched
real-time processes

Universal integration and augmentation

Ultra-secure compliant scalable

Optimized out of the box for TrustPortal’s API & Task MiniBots and Blue Prism RPA, while natively working with RPA tools from Automation Anywhere, Microsoft, NICE and UiPath.

Where human experience and AI augmented insights are instantly required within IoT initiated processes, handoffs are made simple via TrustPortal created, intuitive digital user interfaces, in real-time.

No coding effort is required to augment ways of IoT working across legacy and digital systems. Highly configurable for location, service-levels, channels supported and natively integrated to all IoT services including device software, connectivity, and analytics.

Better than banking grade security for digital workers. All end-to end process data is triple encrypted down to each user and device, with tamper-proof blockchain, GDPR/PSD2 compliant. Proven mission-critical scalability.

TrustPortal Connected Automation for IoT is a SaaS available directly from us or AWS Marketplace: either as a proof-of-value trial, or highly scalable enterprise solution. Click below:

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