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Shared services & BPO

Use our platform to digitally transform your BPO and complex shared services activities within HR, finance, procurement and many other operations.


Achieve this right across your enterprise and more efficiently with less effort for all.


Employees within HR, finance, procurement and other shared services, struggle to effectively navigate across multiple, disparate, systems leading to high error rates, stress and lower productivity.


Most enterprises miss out on transformation opportunities as they’re constrained by legacy IT environments, and time-consuming manual processes. 


For years, we’ve been helping global organisations create real-time digital processes and shared services that seamlessly work on top of old, complex, IT systems and with newer digital technologies too.

How we automate and digitise BPO & Shared Services smarter

Our capabilities are continually proven in 12,000 seat Contact Centre environments handling 200,000 daily calls.

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TrustPortal is a no-code, SaaS-based HyperAutomation layer. It intelligently orchestrates multi-vendor software robots, TrustPortal’s MiniBots, digital, AI tools and employees in real-time as an augmented digital workforce.


Working together, this digital workforce rapidly automates, digitises and transforms end-to-end processes that fuel BPO & Shared Services operations. This is achieved irrespective of the number, age, or complexity of existing systems.

You’ll then deliver a vast range of transformed services including KYC / AML, claims, orders, applications and others. They'll provide greatly enhanced stakeholder experiences, across any channel – faster and easier than ever, for much less.

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Key benefits

Accelerate services, lower costs 
Achieve 65% faster service completion times and 90% reduction in operational costs. Increase process compliance, efficiency and accuracy

New enhanced services
Add new high value, lower cost channels including  employee and customer self-service web portals.   Achieve process transformation without coding, delivered at lower cost in weeks – not years

Better work experiences
Robot-guided, real-time dialogues and interactions raises employee productivity and satisfaction, lowers training time from months to weeks and churn from 30 - 10%

Accelerate technology ROI 
Integrate augment and extend scope of existing technologies to deliver ROI in months: at 10% of the cost of traditional automation and digitisation


Here’s how we help deliver transformed multi-client shared services 


Transformed a key cash reconciliation process for major US healthcare provider by deploying automated exception handling capabilities that are delivering a 50% faster, higher quality service: achieved at a much lower cost


Improved the employee experience at Fidelity by creating self-service portals, providing role-based, HR and payroll related services: all delivered swiftly, securely and accurately – with less resources and at a lower cost.


“TrustPortal enabled 50% time reductions to manage complex claims activities which were transformed into faster, more efficient, higher quality services"

$24 million

of value supported by TrustPortal  

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Our unique features

 Intelligent real-time orchestration of multi-vendor robots, API MiniBots, Chatbot, AI tools and employees. Together, they rapidly automate and digitise end-to-end BPO & Shared Services.

 Employees supported via robot-guided, real-time dialogues and interactions. Presented as sophisticated, intuitive digital user interfaces, they are intelligent, contextual and consistent, across all process steps. 

 Robots instantly create customer relevant 360 view information instantly provided to employees, in the right user interface, at the right time, per task. AI tools can be embedded in user interfaces: further equipping employees with predictive analysis to solve issues. 

Web self-serve via the most convenient channel, or even switch across multi-channels. The same process are supported by robots. Fully compatible with home and mobile working: as only a browser needed. 

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Speak with our experts about at delivering better work, smarter - today. 

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