Multi-channel contact centre

Use our platform to deliver better work, smarter across the contact centre. Deliver previously impossible services that drive optimal levels of customer and agent experiences, across any channel, throughout your enterprise – faster and easier than ever, for much less

Key Gains
  • 50% reduced average handling time - more for longer calls

  • Reduced operational cost by over 30% in 1 year

  • Real change delivered in weeks – not years 

  • Improved first call resolution

  • Improved customer satisfaction index

  • Increased customer retention and revenue growth

  • New high value, lower cost service channels

  • Reduced call volumes enabled by easy migration to self-service channels   

  • Better agent experience compatible with existing ways of working

  • Happier, supported, agents – so reduced attrition and training costs

Here’s how our customers are transforming their contact centre work 

“Customer care is our obsession. Quality is our obsession. Human workers working hand in hand with digital workers is the way we’ve transformed our customer care areas. Our people feel their work is better with digital workers and the results are incredible.”


Director of Automation and Process Simplification Telefónica  


Over 30% operational costs savings delivered in 1 year

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  • 50% time reduction to manage complex claims activities, transformed into faster, more efficient, higher quality services

  • $24 million in value supported by TrustPortal’s capabilities


Top Capabilities

Simple guided digital interactions for agents, significantly less training, far easier multi-skilling and 100% process compliance

Gain 360-degree customer insights with pre-fetch data feeding real-time context to agents 

Retrieve data, update systems, from multiple legacy systems simultaneously

Remove need for calls by integrating with web self-service, mobile apps, voice recognition, chatbot and more

Agent interactions enhanced with AI tools to deliver next best action, problem diagnosis, complex order and more

10% of cost of front office automation including re-use of automations across all digital channels 

Fully compatible with home-working and mobile working: as only a browser needed 

Scaling to support thousands of agents and millions of customer interactions 


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