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COE change engine

Deliver high speed, automated, digital end-to-end processes from your front-office to your back-office, across all channels and beyond.

We augment your automation tools and other technologies, so you'll deliver hugely productive digital services, faster at scale - with less effort than before.  


Employees within HR, finance, procurement and other shared services, struggle to effectively navigate across multiple, disparate, systems leading to high error rates, stress and lower productivity.


Most enterprises miss out on transformation opportunities as they’re constrained by legacy IT environments, and time-consuming manual processes. 


For years, we’ve been helping global organisations create real-time digital processes and shared services that seamlessly work on top of old, complex, IT systems and with newer digital technologies too.

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Every automation COE wants to accelerate digital transformation initiatives by transforming more complex end-to-end processes at scale to drive greater cost savings and productivity gains across higher value business units. 

This means enabling your existing automation tools to operate faster and smarter with employees and other technologies. It means all being made to co-work seamlessly in real-time: across all business functions.  


For years, we’ve been helping global COEs easily generate robot-guided, real-time, digital processes at scale, that fuel transformed digital services and experiences across front-to back-office operations. 

How we support digitally transformed COE services across the enterprise

Our capabilities are continually proven in 12,000 seat Contact Centre environments handling 200,000 daily calls.

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TrustPortal provides a no-code, SaaS-based HyperAutomation layer. It intelligently orchestrates multi-vendor software robots, MiniBots, employees, digital and AI tools: to all work together more productively in real-time, as an augmented digital workforce.


This digital workforce rapidly automates, digitises and transforms end-to-end processes of any complexity. This is achieved across front-office to back-office operations: irrespective of the number, age, or complexity of existing systems.


You'll easily design and deploy a vast range of digitally transformed processes, across all work functions. They'll fuel greatly enhanced customer and employee services and experiences, via any channel – faster and easier than ever, at scale, for much less.


Key benefits

Accelerate services, lower costs 
Achieve 65% faster service completion times, up to 90% lower operational costs and hugely improved customer service across all channels

  •  hugely improved customer service across all channels, with 30% less attrition

New enhanced services
Add new high value, lower cost channels including  employee and customer self-service web portals.  Achieve process transformation, delivered at lower cost in weeks – not years

Enhanced work experiences
Robot-guided, real-time dialogues and interactions raises employee work quality, productivity and satisfaction. Training time lowered from months to weeks and churn from 30 - 10%

Maximise technology ROI faster
ntegrate augment and extend scope of existing technologies to deliver ROI in months: at 10% of the cost of traditional automation approaches

Here’s how our customers are transforming COE operations
Here’s how our customers' COEs are digitally transforming services  

“Customer care is our obsession. Quality is our obsession. Human workers working hand in hand with digital workers is the way we’ve transformed our customer care areas. Our people feel their work is better with digital workers and the results are incredible.”

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Director of Automation and Process Simplification Telefónica  


Over 30% operational costs savings delivered in 1 year

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“TrustPortal intelligently orchestrates our virtual workforce, co-working with our advisors to transform over 40 front -office processes, into faster, more efficient, higher quality services - across multiple channels.”


Chief Information Officer EDF


Improved completion times for complex processes 


“TrustPortal enabled 50% time reductions to manage complex claims activities which were transformed into faster, more efficient, higher quality services"

$24 million

of value supported by TrustPortal  

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Our unique capabilities

 Intelligent real-time orchestration of multi-vendor robots, MiniBots, Chatbot, AI tools and employees. Together, they rapidly automate and digitise end-to-end front-office to back-office services and beyond.

 Employees and customers supported via robot-guided, real-time dialogues and interactions. Presented as sophisticated, intuitive digital user interfaces, they are intelligent, contextual and consistent, across all process steps. 

 Platform user interfaces seamlessly embed in your existing web, chat, chatbot, CRM, AI tools and others. The result is high-speed, highly productive end-to-end digital processes across front-office, multi-channel operations, on the road and in the field.

Designing transformed processes is also easy for skilled RPA developers working with SMEs. No coding or integration effort is required to operate with existing legacy tech, core systems, digital services and multiple channels.

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Speak with our experts about at supercharging your COE - today. 

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