Our Platform

Our industry first enterprise HyperAutomation platform operates at the top of the tech stack: enabling all tasks within any end-to-end work process to be performed by the most appropriate ‘workers’ and tools: people, multi-vendor robots, our MiniBots, AI and digital tech.


Our patented platform intelligently augments and orchestrates these workers and tools in real-time, using dynamic digital UI’s so they seamlessly operate together as unified super resources: precisely choreographed to hugely simplify and enhance employee and customer interactions.

Now picture employees and customers using dynamic digital interfaces and channels: seamlessly, securely and precisely coordinating robots to interact with legacy systems and AI, with our super-efficient MiniBots making API calls – and all tasks being performed at warp-speed.


Delighted front-to-back-office employees, no longer access multiple systems, instead they dynamically receive “next best interactions” fuelled by contextual intelligence, instantly available across every channel: and all stages of the work process.

Here’s one way the platform transforms the contact centre


Your customers can also experience transformed services by self-serving through any digital channel - with simple robot-guided interactions.

Transformed end-to-end processes can be delivered to everyone, in any location, using any device: allowing home and mobile working, for any process - regardless of existing constraints


Key platform features

Multi-channel transformation 
  • Work across all channels including web, mobile, chatbot, voice recognition, chat, IVR, telephony etc - with very high re-use of automation work assets across channels

Supercharged robots
  • Mix and match robots from any vendor and / or our MiniBots to get maximum automation productivity, at minimum cost

  • Choose robots from any vendor and / or our MiniBots to get maximum automation productivity, at minimum cost

  • Enable one person to use multiple robots and / or MiniBots to accelerate each step of the process

  • Robots and / or MiniBots can drive “next-best-interactions” to vastly simplify employee work and customer interactions

  • Our API MiniBot ensures optimal robot utilisation: allowing 1 robot to support 10-15 people

Seamless universal integration
  • Easily integrates with existing ways of working to minimise user training

  • Seamlessly augment existing corporate systems: website, intranet, CRM, ERP, BPM etc

  • Simple utilisation of any new technology including AI, OCR, ML and more

No hassle accelerated deployment    
  • Ready on-premises and SaaS - with proven enterprise scalability and 24x7 resilience

  • No coding required

  • No change to existing systems or mass data migration needed


Our unique toolset for work transformation 

Widest Choice
Optimal security and compliance 
Highest performance 
Any channel  
Platform in action

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