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In a KPMG survey of US based Banking and Capital Markets’ CEOs, almost 45% of respondents said they did not have the “sensory capabilities and innovative processes to respond rapidly to disruption”.

This is particularly relevant with the emergence of challenger banks who offer quick, simple and good value solutions to their customers’ needs and are capturing an ever-increasing slice of the market. Customers are demanding easy access to on-the-go mobile services and require quick resolution to requests, queries and issues.

For established institutions who rely to a large degree on legacy systems, there are simple, low cost ways to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. Many organisations are turning to RPA and Intelligent Automation services to address the need for rapid digitisation and optimisation of products and services.

A further 39% of respondents to the survey were concerned about the quality of their data and realised the need to invest in improving that data.

TrustPortal and Blue Prism can easily address these issues by providing the infrastructure to firstly, transform the way that services are delivered and secondly, structure the collection of data through increased process digitisation. Blue Prism RPA (robots) enables the manipulation of data and communication between different digital systems while TrustPortal provides the interface for people to interact with robots, thereby extending automation to the entire organisation and its customers.

Brian Stephens, national leader for banking and financial services at KPMG, said: “In order to keep pace with the expectations of today’s connected consumers, banking leaders realise the need to digitise the entire enterprise – from the back office to the front door.

They are up against some stiff competition from the fintech start-ups and retailers and need to be able to offer their customers a much more personalised and mobile experience.”

To find out more about how TrustPortal can digitise the enterprise, take a look at our solutions for enterprise Human-in-the-Loop automation.

Empower the makers… Blue Prism’s vision for the future of robotics process automation (RPA) is all about giving the power of creativity to an organisation’s people through an ecosystem of connected technologies that is commonly referred to as Intelligent Automation.

Pat Geary, Blue Prism: “RPA Is a software category created by Blue Prism that provides an easy-to-control ‘Digital Workforce’ that informs, augments, supports and assists people in the automation of rules-based mission critical procedures and tasks. This category is now entering its next evolutionary phase – ‘connected-RPA’ – which promises an exciting era of collaborative technology innovation – led by digitally savvy business users – enabled by ever greater, intelligent, business automation.”

TrustPortal puts people at the heart of automation by enabling cooperation between the human and digital workforce and also by extending digital services to

staff, customers and even robots! Organisations should also look beyond simple interactions between the human and digital workforce because the future of intelligent automation will no doubt include exponentially more advanced AI capability than we currently see today and TrustPortal is well placed to provide organisations with easy access to this rapidly evolving technology.

Through the use of TrustPortal, that future is likely to include a wholesale transformation of the way that organisations, including their staff and customers, conduct their day to day activities.

It’s no longer ‘man vs machine’ but rather ‘man-and-machine vs the rest of the world’!

Updated: Mar 9

Former EY Partner, Chris Lamberton joins the board as Strategy Director.

London — Dec 18, 2018 —TrustPortal Solutions has announced the appointment of a new Director with effect from 1 October 2018.

Chris Lamberton has been appointed to the board as the Strategy Director in a brand-new role that aims to build on the early success of TrustPortal and further enhance the platform going forward.

Chris is a recognised and respected industry leader in Robotic Process Automation and is a visionary on large scale digital transformation and intelligent automation. His experience of driving large scale adoption and usage of RPA within the Global Financial Services Industry has helped create the industry we see today. Regular speaker at industry events and close market knowledge of the key industry drivers has given Chris great insight into the expanding intelligent automation market.

Chris’s vision for wider Intelligent Automation combining Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital demonstrates his clear leadership and understanding. His strategic vision of where the industry is leading over the next 3 years and beyond is a key skill that he will add to the TrustPortal team.

Identifying where and what to design/deploy to create the business cases for change has helped establish real cumulative savings for clients. His market knowledge of how best to harness the power of man and machine, will support TrustPortal’s vision to be the market leading platform for Human-Robot Collaboration going forward.

Chris has significant digital technology, RPA, strategy and operational experience in both the private and public sector and his career to date has included leadership roles at EY, Deloitte, Accenture and Capgemini. Having started the EY RPA practice in the UK in early 2014, Chris helped grow the practice globally, and in November 2018, it was voted the world’s best by HfS Research.

Chris Lamberton said “This is a great opportunity to help shape the future of Intelligent Automation, bringing RPA, Digital, Humans and AI together to transform enterprises. But now I’m going to be doing this from the vendor-side, helping TrustPortal grow as a product and support clients globally."

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