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TrustPortal HyperAutomation: your key questions answered - part 1

Following our successful webinar: ‘digitally transform your employee AND customer experience with HyperAutomation’, we've had many great questions from an audience including: CX specialists, Heads of Innovation, CIOs and Heads of Automation. In the first of a two part article series, we’re sharing the most interesting questions, all expertly answered by our CEO, Chris Lamberton.

What is TrustPortal’s HyperAutomation platform and what does it do?

TrustPortal has built an industry-first, enterprise HyperAutomation platform capable of digitally transforming and automating any end-to-end process: transforming services and experiences for employees and customers.

Our patented platform enables the real-time intelligent orchestration and augmentation of people, multiple-automation tools, digital and AI. They work together as hyper-productive, super resources, at enterprise-scale: from the front-office to the back-office, across all customer service channels. TrustPortal’s powerful unifying capability enables new types of much better, smarter, hyper-productive, working.

Each step within any end-to-end work process, of any complexity and business function, is precisely performed by the most appropriate combination of robotic and human 'workers:' augmented by tools such as digital and AI – in seconds. Employees and customers are guided in real-time, via dynamically generated UIs, to gain much simpler, more valuable, digital interactions and next best interactions that result in transformed services and experiences.

TrustPortal provides an agile, no code, work transformation layer operating on top of the oldest, most complex IT estates, while seamlessly integrating with, and hugely augmenting the scope of existing processes, core systems, digital services and channels. This means that HyperAutomated, hyper-productive, ways of working can be delivered faster, with less capital, resources and technological constraints than most organisations believe is possible.

TrustPortal can also augment existing systems and ways of working, to deliver significantly more return on existing investments: and at 10% of the cost, time and effort of traditional digitisation and automation approaches. We believe that every organisation: from the most digitally mature - to the most legacy challenged, can gain from TrustPortal HyperAutomation: so, they transform, survive and thrive.

What differentiates TrustPortal from other automation apps?

One of our key differentiators is how we maximise the use of software robots/digital workers, supplemented by our own MiniBots, to hugely increase the ROI of existing RPA estates. This is combined with our patented ways of robots building digital UIs, as part of our unique, enterprise-scale, hyper-secure architecture.

What this means is robots and our MiniBots are accessing multiple old systems in parallel. Based on what they find, they dynamically create the next step, or ‘next best interaction’ in a guided journey. This also simplifies every interaction and reduces agents’ workload – while increasing their productivity. Typically, we’re seeing a 50% reduction in each call duration.

TrustPortal is also the first ever multiple automation platform that five leading RPA vendor tools simply plug into, as well as our own MiniBots - where API’s are available.

We uniquely enable intelligent real-time orchestration of multiple robots/MiniBots, so they can be “sweated” to be more productive: unlocking further ROI from existing and further RPA investments. Our API & Task MiniBots also enable high-speed API connectivity to multiple digital systems, delivering further savings, processing speed and productivity.

Other automation apps, while good at what they do, are limited in their scope. They’re designed to perform basic transactions, just within the contact centre. They deliver things like ‘get me some information or submit a form’: not the guided, real-time dialogues and interactions that TrustPortal provides.

Another key TrustPortal differentiator is its ability to work across every single channel, with connections to IVRs, mobile apps, web self-service, so it’s not only used by employees but customers too.

TrustPortal’s real-time response times are unique too. For example, the timeframe of getting information from a form to a robot and back again is done in sub-seconds. In fact, we have a US patent covering this crucial human and robot real-time co-working capability via dynamic digital forms - and ‘better than banking’ security levels.

Our technology is continually proven to successfully operate at the largest scale. For example, TrustPortal enables Telefonica, Spain’s largest company, to successfully service 200,000 customer calls per day.

How can TrustPortal generate a faster ROI?

One of the most important goals for TrustPortal is helping organisations to maximise ROI on existing investments such as RPA and other digital technologies - and then massively increase their productivity and scope.

For example, TrustPortal enables traditional RPA & RDA robots to shift up from performing back-office sub-tasks and significantly increase their scope. This includes performing whole, end-to-end, processes across the front office, back-office and self-service.

TrustPortal can also provide a ROI for other tools such as ServiceNow or Salesforce, BPM, ERP systems, portals and others. This is an important feature as these tools’ capabilities can be limited by the integration effort required with backend systems via APIs. Now, TrustPortal can not only be plugged into tools like Salesforce, but made to look just like Salesforce, then massively increase its scope.

No coding or integration effort is required by TrustPortal to augment existing ways of working across legacy and digital systems. Combine this with our unique architecture of robots building UIs in real-time, without complex integration to separately built digital forms, and results are delivered in weeks, not years. This is achievable at 10% of the cost of traditional digitisation and automation approaches.

Are corporates able to quantify the ROI from using TrustPortal?

Yes, very clearly and at an unprecedented rate. A great example of this is our work at Telefonica, Spain’s largest company. It’s experiencing savings of 50 million euros per year, and the entire project cost was recovered in less than 1 year. This is a very compelling statistic that’s simply unheard of in the industry.

MetLife has also attributed $25 million savings directly to the use of TrustPortal. We believe this is just the start and we’re now working with clients on self-service across multiple channels, with the aim of producing 50%+ cost savings.

While there’s hard numbers, the softer ones are also very important, like employee and customer engagement. We help Telefonica achieve a plus five customer services index improvement. This occurs because customers can get through to agents that much easier.

We also help reduce average call handling time by 50%. This provides a tangibly positive impact on the customer, where they see an agent and get satisfactory resolutions much quicker.

Achieving better employee engagement is also key in contact centres. TrustPortal is helping cut high attrition rates of 20-30% per year - down to 10%, because it enables a better user understanding of processes and guides happy employees, so it’s easier for them to deliver big service improvements.


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