We deliver better  work, smarter across
the enterprise with
HyperAutomation 2.0


Our industry-first HyperAutomation 2.0 platform delivers better work, smarter by intelligently orchestrating your people, multi-vendor robots, digital and AI technologies to work together in real-time: hyper productively, at hyper scale.


Our platform uniquely guides your employees AND customers with real-time dialogues to deliver and receive HyperAutomated, end-to-end, digital services and experiences, across every channel, that are frictionless personalised and profitable.

It’s HyperAutomation 2.0 with purpose - without hype.

Our patented HyperAutomation capabilities have been exclusively proven and continually evolved within mission-critical, real-time, front-office to back-office environments. It means we deliver the smartest way of liberating your enterprise from the complexity cost and effort of automating and digitising end-to-end services.

Bloor Research view us as the next state in the evolution of business automation. TechMarketView say we address some of the key problems limiting automation adoption and its scaling, particularly in the customer service environment.


Customer first approach 

We’re increasingly core to mission-critical digital work transformation initiatives across Telefonica, EDF, MetLife, IBM, A1 Telecom and many others: enabling them to achieve hugely valuable outcomes. 


“Customer care is our obsession. Quality is our obsession. Human workers working hand in hand with digital workers is the way we’ve transformed our customer care areas. Our people feel their work is better with digital workers and the results are incredible.”


Director of Automation and Process Simplification Telefónica  


Over 30% operational costs savings delivered in 1 year


Other smart work transformers


Here’s how we’re HyperAutomating employees' and customers' digital services and experiences across the contact centre


What you gain

Our customers are experiencing these real-world outcomes:

Smarter work 
  • Automated and digitised front-office to back-office, end-to-end, processes: no matter the age and complexity of existing systems

  • Easy augmentation of existing processes, core systems, digital services, all channels, and ways of working

  • Over 50% faster service completion times and hugely improved customer service across all channels, with reduced agent training and 30% less attrition

More for less
  • Hugely augment and improve the scope of existing automation and other tech investments

  • Cost reductions of over 30% in one year, with potential for over 50% savings through multi-channel self service capabilities

  • Unparalleled ROI and TCO achieved in months, not years: and at 10% of the cost of traditional digitisation and automation approaches.

Enhanced digital experiences
  • New levels of work performance and error removal – with reduced staff training and enhanced satisfaction, with +5 CSI scores 

  • Robot-guided, real-time intelligent, intuitive, contextual dialogues and interactions across all employee and customer touchpoints

  • Much simpler, more valuable, digital interactions and next best interactions equal transformed services and experiences


Start your digital work transformation journey

Using our platform’s unique HyperAutomation capabilities, you’ll soon be designing and delivering, better, smarter front-office to back-office work: across every channel, throughout your enterprise.

Reduce demands  on your IT 

No coding and no system integration is required and our intuitive platform means minimal user training and reduced change impacts.  

Seamless integration

Although we help you transform processes, we can still smoothly integrate with your current ways of working too. 

Quick Results

Our customers are achieving work transformation in months that would have previously taken vast teams of people years to complete.  

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