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Transform your front-office and multi-channel operations - in weeks!

Quickly, easily and cost-effectively transform your operations and customer experiences - across both traditional and all digital channels - with advanced HyperAutomation.


TrustPortal's proven no-code HyperAutomation augments your existing front-office, digital and CRM investments to drive huge value, quickly - even in the most complex, old IT environments.

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We do this faster  easier and for less. 

How you do it


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Create HyperAutomated simplified, real-time digital processes, that seamlessly connect and augment your systems, technologies and digital channels: whatever their age and complexity.

There’s no unnecessary costs, impacts and effort.


Our intelligent orchestration engine enables multi-vendor RPA, AI and digital tools to support employees and customers, for any size of organisation.


Staff and customers are guided via simple, real-time contextual user interfaces to transform each step of any end-to-end process.

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TrustPortal delivers the best end-to-end digital interactions, services and experiences for employees and customers: across your front-office, multi-channel operations and beyond.

 We enable people and tech to work easier as one, so there’s more productivity and growth, with less effort for everyone. 

Expect these proven benefits and more


Millions of cost

65% faster service completion times

+5 CSI & NPS scores

Higher productivity, less employee & customer effort   

HyperAutomated solutions


Connected Automation for IoT
Multi-channel contact centre
Shared services & BPO
 COE change engine
End-to-end digitisation
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Proven approach


Since 2018, we've been proving and advancing HyperAutomation within large scale, front-office environments, at Telefonica, EDF, MetLife and other digital leaders.

This means we’ve built HyperAutomation for maximum ease, speed, efficiency and security. Slow, complex, digitisation and automation just got smart fast and light.

TechMarketView: "TrustPortal address the key problems limiting automation adoption, its scaling and de-risking transformation across legacy systems."

Bloor Research: "TrustPortal is the next state of business automation based on systems you can trust." 

It's HyperAutomation - without the hype



“Customer care is our obsession. Quality is our obsession. Human workers working hand in hand with digital workers is the way we’ve transformed our customer care areas. Our people feel their work is better with digital workers and the results are incredible.”

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Director of Automation and Process Simplification Telefónica  


Over 30% operational costs savings delivered in 1 year

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Customer first approach

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“TrustPortal intelligently orchestrates our virtual workforce, co-working with our advisors to transform over 40 front -office processes, into faster, more efficient, higher quality services - across multiple channels.”


Chief Information Officer EDF


Improved completion times for complex processes 


“TrustPortal enabled 50% time reductions to manage complex claims activities which were transformed into faster, more efficient, higher quality services"

$24 million

of value supported by TrustPortal  

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What you gain

Our customers are experiencing these real-world outcomes:

Augmented productivity  
  • Automated and digitised front-office to back-office, end-to-end, processes: no matter the age and complexity of existing systems

  • Easily connect and enhance new & existing processes, core systems, digital services, all channels, and ways of working

  • Over 65% faster service completion times and hugely improved customer service across all channels, with 30% less attrition

More faster for less
  • Hugely improve the productivity and scope of existing automation and other tech investments

  • Cost reductions of over 30% in one year, with potential for over 50% savings through multi-channel self service capabilities

  • Unparalleled ROI and TCO achieved in months, not years: and at 10% of the cost of traditional digitisation and automation approaches.

Enhanced digital experiences
  • Robot-guided, real-time intelligent, intuitive, contextual dialogues and interactions across all employee and customer touchpoints

  • Much simpler, more valuable, digital interactions and next best interactions equal transformed services and experiences

  • New levels of work performance and error removal – with reduced staff training and enhanced satisfaction, with +5 CSI & NPS scores 

Accelerate digital work transformation 

Start designing and delivering, better, smarter across every channel, throughout your enterprise.

Reduce demands on your IT 

No coding and no system integration required, no matter the age size and complexities of systems. This means faster time to value without costly change impacts.  

Easy to use for all

Our intuitive platform and robot guided approach to working means minimal user training. Designing transformed processes is also easy for skilled RPA developers working with SMEs

Quick Results

Our customers are achieving work transformation in months that would have previously taken vast teams of people years to complete.  

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