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TrustPortal Introduces Connected Automation combining digital workers with Internet of Things on AWS

LONDON– 25 April 2023: TrustPortal, a worldwide HyperAutomation 2.0 pioneer, announced today the availability of Connected Automation for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. This new capability allows any Internet of Things (IoT) device to perform real-time complex processes across any age or complexity of IT estate. The solution enables real-time orchestration of a digital workforce consisting of software robots, AI and people. Major legacy interoperability and security challenges of IoT are addressed by TrustPortal, delivering highly valuable, ultra-secure, pre-emptive, and preventative IoT services that reduce risks, cut costs and increase productivity.

Until now, TrustPortal customers who wanted to use IoT to enhance their business processes had to architect and build solutions from the ground up. Complexity, time to value and cost often deter businesses from exploring IoT assisted connected automation to increase productivity across their customer service, sales, and business operations. TrustPortal Connected Automation is a new capability that opens the world of business processes that live in the IT world and bridges them to devices and sensors that live in the IoT world using a digital workforce.

EDF Energy is a customer of TrustPortal. Niels Roberts, Digital, Automation & Process Excellence Director, EDF Energy said, “Our UK-based Automation Centre of Excellence uses TrustPortal’s Connected Automation capabilities hosted on AWS to support our 3,500 home and office-based employees across our retail business. TrustPortal intelligently orchestrates our virtual workforce, co-working with our advisors to transform over 40 front-office processes, into faster, more efficient, higher quality services - across multiple channels. We’ve seen improved completion times for complex processes, 98% completion rates, improved efficiency, quality and customer experience as well as reduced advisor training effort.”

TrustPortal Connected Automation is a no-code Software as a Service (SaaS) layer providing a smarter way for organisations to deliver valuable, real-time, pre-emptive, and preventative IoT services. Traditional Field Service Maintenance (FSM) use cases that drive customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness such as Asset Management, Field Service Scheduling, Predictive Maintenance, Remote monitoring, Services Portal, and Work Order Execution can benefit immediately from Connected Automation.

TrustPortal Connected Automation has already delivered significant benefits for major Telco and Utilities companies: including over 30% cost savings, 65% faster processing times, and significant improvements in staff and customer satisfaction.

“While IoT can deliver superb, real-time, data-rich insights, the ability to immediately understand and quickly react to these insights is often constrained by integration challenges with multiple old systems, or difficulty bringing instant human experience and AI insights into IoT-initiated processes. TrustPortal Connected Automation uniquely address these constraints, irrespective of the number, age, complexity or interoperability of existing systems and processes. We are enabling the vision for IoT-enabled real-time services to instantly notice and address issues in the field and more,” says Chris Lamberton CEO TrustPortal.

No coding effort is required with TrustPortal Connected Automation to augment ways of IoT working across legacy and digital systems. Native integration is provided with all AWS IoT services including device software, connectivity and control services and analytics services, and existing core systems including Customer Relationship Management, Business Process Management and Enterprise Resource Planning systems and more.

By augmenting and extending the scope of existing technology investments, ROI is achievable in months - at 10% of the cost of traditional approaches. Connected Automation architecture interconnects and intelligently orchestrates multi-vendor software robots, API mini-robots, AI and staff: operating securely together in real-time, as an augmented digital workforce. This digital workforce delivers the high-speed, data-rich, end-to-end processes that enable IoT devices to impactfully enhance business processes.

TrustPortal Connected Automation also enables human experience to enrich IoT initiated end-to-end processes, via intelligently automated exception handling. When human judgement is required, handoffs arrive via robot-created, sophisticated, intuitive, digital user interfaces – all in real-time. Where automated judgement is required, AWS AI Services and other smart tools are used to automate processes or escalate with predictive analysis and problem-solving capabilities - also in real-time.

“With TrustPortal Connected Automation we are extending benefits on the cloud to the edge and on premise. TrustPortal Connected Automation accelerates time to value for AWS customers delivering a digital workforce that bridges the IT-OT divide enabling IoT connectivity to digital worker-bots. Industry customers in any sector have a opportunity to transform their field service driven customer experience, unlocking IoT-enabled real-time service benefits,” said Madhu Raman, Head of Automations business at Amazon Web Services.

TrustPortal Connected Automation on AWS is now available from AWS Marketplace - a curated digital catalogue that makes it easy for customers to find, buy, consume, and manage third-party software, services, and data that customers need to build solutions and run their businesses. The solution is available as either as a proof-of-value trial, or highly scalable enterprise solution.



TrustPortal Solutions Ltd is a worldwide HyperAutomation 2.0 pioneer, enabling an augmented digital workforce of robots, AI, digital and people to co-work hyper-productively in real-time and enhance the operations of any enterprise. TrustPortal digitises, automates and fundamentally improves any end-to-end process, from the front-office to the back-office and beyond: with unmatched ease, speed, scale and security. Global companies such as Telefonica, EDF, IBM, MetLife, A1 Telecom, entrust TrustPortal to transform their operations.


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