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TrustPortal's Series B Investment (EIS)


Things are going very well at TrustPortal - so much so, we're kicking off a "Series B" investment round!

And if you've got to this page you're either an existing investor, or been privately invited as a "friend of TrustPortal" ...

If you're an existing investor, you have "pre-emption" rights that means you've got first refusal on any new investment raise -  either to maintain your current level of shareholding, or to increase your shareholding

And the good news is this investment has been pre-approved for EIS by HMRC

At this stage we're only trying to gather "expressions of interest" in our Series B investment, so please:

1) Read the description of the Series B, including how much we're raising, why we want more investment and what it will be used for, how we're raising it, the valuation and share price etc. Here's a link:

2) Register your interest by clicking on this link:



    - For existing investors you need to identify yourself using your Crowdcube Email, Crowdcube Nickname,
       Country and Postcode
    - For new investors, you'll have to provide Name, Email and Address Information

    - Please indicate wether you'd like to: do no further investment; invest only enough that your current
       shareholding doesn't get diluted; or increase your shareholding by £X

3) If you have any problems or queries:

For any public queries please use the "Discussion" forum on Crowdcube

For more detailed questions specific to you, including if you cannot logon, seem to have the wrong shareholding etc, then please email


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