TrustPortal Privacy Policy

TrustPortal Solutions Limited is the data controller of your personal information, although it may have been initially collected by a TrustPortal subsidiary company or a partner organisation.

Registered in England & Wales under company number 10559389

Registered address: Sussex Innovation Centre, Science Park Square, Brighton, BN1 9SB, United Kingdom, T. +44 1273 70 44 00

This privacy policy explains what personal information TrustPortal collects on customers, partners, vendors and marketing contacts, and how we use it.

We may collect and process your name, email address, job information, phone number, address and cookie information. Personal information can be collected through sales enquiries, marketing events and downloads, use of the TrustPortal websites and the TrustPortal Partner Portal and from third parties.


  • We consider data protection issues as part of the design and implementation of systems, services, products and business practices.

  • We make data protection an essential component of the core functionality of our processing systems and services.

  • We anticipate risks and privacy-invasive events before they occur, and take steps to prevent harm to individuals.

  • We only process the personal data that we need for our purposes(s), and that we only use the data for those purposes.

  • We ensure that personal data is automatically protected in any IT system, service, product, and/or business practice, so that individuals should not have to take any specific action to protect their privacy.

  • We provide the identity and contact information of those responsible for data protection both within our organisation and to individuals.

  • We adopt a ‘plain language’ policy for any public documents so that individuals easily understand what we are doing with their personal data.

  • We offer strong privacy defaults, user-friendly options and controls, and respect user preferences.

  • We only use data processors that provide sufficient guarantees of their technical and organisational measures for data protection by design.

  • When we use other systems, services or products in our processing activities, we make sure that we only use those whose designers and manufacturers take data protection issues into account.

Use of personal information​

If you are a customer or a partner, your personal information will be used for contract management, sales administration, TrustPortal Partner Portal access and product updates. We will also use your personal information under the the following basis: Prior consent, Contractual obligations, Legal Obligation, Vital Interests and Legitimate interests. You can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time and a link to do so will always be provided in such communications.

If you provide us with your personal information using one of our website forms we will hold this information to track if you visit the TrustPortal website again, and to follow up with you if you request TrustPortal to do so. We may also collect information about the use of the TrustPortal website such as the types of information accessed and how many users we receive daily. TrustPortal may use this data for statistical analysis, marketing, or similar promotional purposes.

We will only process your personal information in line with the original purpose of collecting that data and always within the legal confines of using such information.

Sharing your personal information with third parties

We may share your personal information with TrustPortal subsidiary companies. Where another TrustPortal company processes your information the same principles of this policy will apply. We may also share your personal information with our partners to process your personal information on our behalf. If you would like further information on our partners and their privacy policies, please contact us at

If TrustPortal needs to transfer your personal data to a third party outside of the European Economic Area we will ensure that your personal information is appropriately protected through standard contractual clauses approved by the EU Commission or other means approved by our supervisory authority.

This privacy policy covers the TrustPortal web site at Other links within this site to other web sites are not covered by this policy. Please check with those sites to determine their privacy policy.

Where can I find out what personal information is held about me?

TrustPortal will provide a copy of any personal information held by request. You have the right to request that any inaccuracies be corrected or that any personal data held by us is deleted from our database. You must give a specific reason for your objection to our processing your data and it may follow that we retain legitimate grounds to continue to process your personal data. Please send your requests to

How do I complain about use of my personal information?

If you would like to make a complaint about our use of your personal data please send details of your complaint, including the personal information it relates to, to or write to us at Sussex Innovation Centre, Science Park Square, Brighton, BN1 9SB, United Kingdom. We will investigate your complaint and respond as soon as we can, and no more than one month later. If you are not satisfied with our response you may contact the Information Commissioners Office ( as TrustPortal’s external supervisory body or your local personal data privacy authority.

No spam policy

We maintain a strict ‘No Spam’ policy that means that we do not intend to sell, rent, or otherwise give your personal information to a third-party without your consent except as set out in this policy and unless we are obliged by law to disclose information.

Data Breach

In the event of a data breach, we will endeavour to contact all affected parties no later than 72hrs after first becoming aware of the issue. If you have any concerns over the integrity of our data then please contact us without delay at