The Management Team

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Chris Lamberton

CEO and Strategy Director

Chris is a highly respected RPA industry leader, who until Dec 2018 was the lead partner for EY's Financial Services and Government RPA practice across EMEIA. As a partner in Deloitte, Chris was one of the earliest advocates of RPA technology nearly seven years ago. Chris was also the first to introduce RPA into EY in 2013, and was the lead in building EY’s capability in RPA across the globe, both with clients and internally. Hence Chris was particularly proud of EY being rated the global no.1 RPA integrator by HfS in November 2018, just prior to his leaving.

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David Linten

Chief Technology Officer

David joined TrustPortal from a research and development background and brings with him over 20 years experience in low latency endpoint encrypted systems. He was involved in designing and implementing secure communications systems for NATO, BT, Lockheed Martin and others. David has a wealth of knowledge on highly scalable, highly secure encrypted digital services that are core to TrustPortal.

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Richard Hodges

Technical Director

Richard has worked on numerous high volume trading systems in global investment banks, including for Standard Chartered Bank where he designed and architected a global trading system for bonds and foreign exchange, incorporating fault tolerance, multi-location clustering, global messaging and secure communications and data storage. Richard is also a recognized expert in the programming language C++ and regularly provides feedback and reports to the international global standards committee.