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We're hiring! Sectors: Digital, Robotics, Automation, Software, Customer Service

The Company: We are a cutting-edge software development company located in Brighton and London. Since our birth in 2016, we've been focussed on transforming human to software robot interactions.

We are expanding rapidly and continuing to add to our list of world leading customers. At TrustPortal, our focus is on delivering a quality service with an innovative product and we employ people that share our vision and believe in our product. We believe that human to robot interactions should be simplified to get the best out of technology. We have high ambitions to deliver mass automation for Humans to use software robots to make their jobs more rewarding.

The Opportunity: Our industry is experiencing rapid growth and we’re looking for a range of skilled and motivated people to support our growing list of Global Customers and Partners. We aim to grow our firm from the bottom up, whilst bringing on talented people and placing a huge emphasis on training and development, within a dynamic start-up environment.

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