Digitise the Enterprise

In a KPMG survey of US based Banking and Capital Markets’ CEOs, almost 45% of respondents said they did not have the “sensory capabilities and innovative processes to respond rapidly to disruption”.

This is particularly relevant with the emergence of challenger banks who offer quick, simple and good value solutions to their customers’ needs and are capturing an ever-increasing slice of the market. Customers are demanding easy access to on-the-go mobile services and require quick resolution to requests, queries and issues.

For established institutions who rely to a large degree on legacy systems, there are simple, low cost ways to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. Many organisations are turning to RPA and Intelligent Automation services to address the need for rapid digitisation and optimisation of products and services.

A further 39% of respondents to the survey were concerned about the quality of their data and realised the need to invest in improving that data.

TrustPortal and Blue Prism can easily address these issues by providing the infrastructure to firstly, transform the way that services are delivered and secondly, structure the collection of data through increased process digitisation. Blue Prism RPA (robots) enables the manipulation of data and communication between different digital systems while TrustPortal provides the interface for people to interact with robots, thereby extending automation to the entire organisation and its customers.

Brian Stephens, national leader for banking and financial services at KPMG, said: “In order to keep pace with the expectations of today’s connected consumers, banking leaders realise the need to digitise the entire enterprise – from the back office to the front door.

They are up against some stiff competition from the fintech start-ups and retailers and need to be able to offer their customers a much more personalised and mobile experience.”

To find out more about how TrustPortal can digitise the enterprise, take a look at our solutions for enterprise Human-in-the-Loop automation. www.trustportal.org/solutions

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