Introducing a New Era of Connected-RPA

Empower the makers… Blue Prism’s vision for the future of robotics process automation (RPA) is all about giving the power of creativity to an organisation’s people through an ecosystem of connected technologies that is commonly referred to as Intelligent Automation.

Pat Geary, Blue Prism: “RPA Is a software category created by Blue Prism that provides an easy-to-control ‘Digital Workforce’ that informs, augments, supports and assists people in the automation of rules-based mission critical procedures and tasks. This category is now entering its next evolutionary phase – ‘connected-RPA’ – which promises an exciting era of collaborative technology innovation – led by digitally savvy business users – enabled by ever greater, intelligent, business automation.”

TrustPortal puts people at the heart of automation by enabling cooperation between the human and digital workforce and also by extending digital services to

staff, customers and even robots! Organisations should also look beyond simple interactions between the human and digital workforce because the future of intelligent automation will no doubt include exponentially more advanced AI capability than we currently see today and TrustPortal is well placed to provide organisations with easy access to this rapidly evolving technology.

Through the use of TrustPortal, that future is likely to include a wholesale transformation of the way that organisations, including their staff and customers, conduct their day to day activities.

It’s no longer ‘man vs machine’ but rather ‘man-and-machine vs the rest of the world’!

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