Blue Prism Technology Alliance Partner of the Year 2018

This year at Blue Prism World, the team at TrustPortal were all very pleased to be awarded with Technology Alliance Partner of the Year 2018. A firm recognition that our platform will become a very important part of the Digital Worker revolution.

Our Ultra-secure interface for Robotics Process Automation is an extremely powerful tool for any Human in the Loop and Robot to Human processes.

TrustPortal and Blue Prism together offer a unified approach to automation by enabling automated process engagement with a user through the dynamic presentation of forms and data in a web browser, portal or mobile app. This is where things start to get really exciting for organisations and their customers. By enabling human interaction in to RPA, TrustPortal empowers organisations to combine the varied skills of the human and digital workforces in order to achieve better outcomes for both in-house and client facing operations.

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