Reveal Group Partners with TrustPortal as First Global Partner in Assisted Automation for Digital Wo

Reveal Group announced as TrustPortal’s first Global Partner, leveraging their expertise in Blue Prism RPA to integrate clients’ real-time human interactions into complex automations.

SYDNEY & LONDON - In a collaboration set to push the possibilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Reveal Group, the global leader in operational transformation, today announced its strategic partnership with TrustPortal, a world leader in enabling Human to Robot (H2R) digital services. Reveal Group is TrustPortal’s first Global Partner and their first to specifically focus on Asia, Africa and Australia. As a Blue Prism Certified Capability, Delivery and Training Provider, Reveal Group are uniquely experienced in end-to-end Blue Prism RPA implementations, and see the integration of TrustPortal’s technology as a solution that will deliver easy, secure & scalable front office assisted automations.

Pairing Reveal Group’s expertise in Blue Prism with TrustPortal's platform provides a direct integration with Robotics Process Automation, allowing humans to work directly with Robots, resulting in seamless processing and collaboration that applies the respective strengths of both humans and Robots. These new capabilities unify front and back office processes while helping extend RPA deployments to more complex and time-consuming workflows. By enabling real-time human interactions, organisations can collaborate and streamline decision making on any given automated process, including approval, sign-off, change and review.

Ian Crouch, CEO of Reveal Group, has said: “We are thrilled to be TrustPortal’s first Global Partner. The combination of TrustPortal and Blue Prism takes process automation to another level, providing the most advanced enterprise automation solution available. Crucially for Reveal Group and our clients this partnership leverages our market-leading best practices to enable enhanced digital interactions with support for Web and Mobile Apps, Chatbots, IVR, Virtual Agents and Contact Centre agents. Deploying TrustPortal with Blue Prism enables us to help clients quickly and cost-effectively address the true breadth of automation opportunities in their businesses.”

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TrustPortal is a dynamic software company focusing on innovative developments in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) industry.

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Reveal Group specialises in helping clients to quickly and cost effectively transform their business performance. They are revolutionising Operational Transformation programs with innovative software, industry-leading experience, unrivalled expertise and a global partner network. Since 2005 Reveal Group have been at the forefront of applying technology to transform processing, guaranteeing rapid and sustainable results. Across all service industries, Reveal Group are helping teams to maximise productivity and optimise workforces. Learn more at


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