TrustPortal Takes On New Scandinavian Partner, Differ, For Its Assisted Automation Platform

TrustPortal have agreed an exciting second partnership to provide its Assisted RPA Platform to clients in Scandinavia. Differ will be key player in rolling out our software platform across the region.

Differ take time to understand their customers needs and by offering a personalised approach in developing digital strategies, they are able to provide effective results that radically improve work processes and strengthen customer touchpoints

The TrustPortal partnership will enable Differ to increase the robotic reach within client organisations by providing Assisted Automation to robotic processes through its Dynamic Digital Platform for RPA. The new Human to Robot (H2R) capability opens the door to digitising many more operations across organisations and builds on the strengths of both Human and Robotic workforces.

These new collaboration capabilities unify front and back office processes while helping extend RPA deployments to more complex and time-consuming work flows. By enabling real-time human to Robot interactions, the resultant collaboration streamlines decision making on any given automated process, including approval, sign-off, change and review.

By enabling digital services to interact with RPA and allowing human interactions to be integrated into robot- driven workflows, the solution extends the automation scope to end-to-end process handling. Front office employees and omni channel customers can now utilise fully digitised, automated services to replace a wide range of manual customer service and technical support scenarios, increasing productivity without requiring cumbersome client installs.

Customer benefits Include:

Making unattended robots suitable for desktop and real time automation: A dynamic front end

increases front office productivity allowing for automated provisioning of Blue Prism software robots in real time while dealing with client-facing operations. This speeds up the delivery of tasks and improves the customer experience benefiting both customers and the organisations.

New Services Capabilities: Enables companies to rapidly deploy new automated services to their customers by building processes from the customer or front office environment across back office systems and operations.

Reduced Process Time: A single user action can initiate multiple parallel robotic processes and with automatic exception handling, issues can quickly be addressed and passed back to robot. This dramatically reduces process time.

Ultra-Secure: Leading encryption technology ensures that only authorized "key" holders can access the data and all data held in TrustPortal is secure (this includes UK Government / ISO27001 hosting and security, data in UK, AES256 encrypted).

"We are pleased to announce that through this partnership we have found a good and future-oriented Digital Platform. Our partnership will allow our clients to get even more out of their RPA Solutions, and it opens up completely new opportunities for using robots in different industries, services and processes.

Similar solution concepts have been designed earlier, but often these have resulted in extensive implementation projects. With TrustPortals technology, we are able to create smarter end to end robotic processes in a dynamic and efficient manner, which we believe will result in significant business impact for our clients. Additionally, out of the box, you get the ability to create user-friendly, secure and customizable interfaces, in all digital channels.

We look forward to taking RPA to the next level, creating smart and future-oriented automation strategies / robot solutions in cooperation with old and new clients. Our partnership with TrustPortal will be instrumental in this journey"

Gorm Steine-Eriksen – Partner, specialized in RPA Automation and AI Dialog – Differ Strategy Consulting

Fact box

TrustPortal & Blue Prism (RPA) integration enables a new generation of automation solutions transferring data from humans to robots and vice versa leveraging advanced encryption standards. The drag and drop functionalities of Blue Prism combined with the easy modifiable design of TrustPortal make these solutions highly scalable in a secure environment.

About TrustPortal Solutions

TrustPortal is a dynamic software company focusing on innovative developments in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) industry. With proven industry wide solutions, TrustPortal is well positioned to become a world leader in enabling Human to Robot (H2R) digital services. TrustPortal's secure and scalable solutions deliver new levels of productivity and cost savings to enterprise wide automation strategies.

TrustPortal/Blue Prism press release: Visit Website

About Differ

Differ Strategy Consulting AS is a management consulting company combining strategy and technology. Differ has experienced partners and highly skilled consultants and analysts. For more than 15 years we have assisted and improved the performance of some of the most demanding companies in the Scandinavian market.

We believe in business development using disruptive and innovative technology. With Differs unique technology expertise, we identify and execute our clients digitization and automation potential using BigData, Analytics and AI/Robotics. Differ is part of XLENT Consulting Group, a Nordic consulting company. Visit Website


Gorm Steine-Eriksen - Partner Differ Mobile: +47 924 93 202

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