New Partner, Baringa, sees TrustPortal as a Powerful Enabler of its 3D Automation Approach

TrustPortal are pleased to annouce a new partnership with Baringa, bringing assisted automation to markets in North America and Europe

We recognise that Baringa are a forward thinking organisation with a strong track record in service delivery and implementation of RPA software and we believe that the synergy between our companies will bring real value to enterprise customers seeking to make the most of their automation strategies.

By leveraging our joint expertise in RPA software deployment, our customers can take advantage of a wide range of new automation capabilities resulting in a complete end-to-end experience.

These new capabilities unify front and back office processes while helping extend RPA deployments to more complex and time-consuming workflows. By enabling real-time human interactions, organisations can collaborate and streamline decision making on any given automated process, including approval, sign-off, change and review.

Customer benefits Include:

  • Making unattended robots suitable for desktop and real time automation: A dynamic front end increases front office productivity allowing for automated provisioning of Blue Prism software robots in real time while dealing with client-facing operations. This speeds up the delivery of tasks and improves the customer experience benefiting both customers and the organisations.

  • New Services Capabilities: Enables companies to rapidly deploy new automated services to their customers by building processes from the customer or front office environment across back office systems and operations.

  • Easy to Use & Intuitive: Digitized legacy systems through new web front-ends, mobile applications and chatbots. This enables human interactions and decision making throughout the automation process helping streamline the decision-making process.

  • Ultra-Secure: Leading encryption technology ensures that only authorized "key" holders can access the data and all data held in TrustPortal is secure (this includes UK Government / ISO27001 hosting and security, data in UK, AES256 encrypted).

By enabling digital services to interact with RPA and allowing human interactions to be integrated into robot- driven workflows, the solution extends the automation scope to end-to-end process handling. Front office employees and omni channel customers can now utilise fully digitised, automated services to replace a wide range of manual customer service and technical support scenarios, increasing productivity without requiring cumbersome client installs.

Fact box

TrustPortal & Blue Prism (RPA) integration enables a new generation of automation solutions transferring data from humans to robots and vice versa leveraging advanced encryption standards. The drag and drop functionalities of Blue Prism combined with the easy modifiable design of TrustPortal make these solutions highly scalable in a secure environment.

"We are delighted with our new TrustPortal Partnership. TrustPortal supports and amplifies each dimension of our 3D Automation approach: End to End, Team by Team, Again and Again.

TrustPortal enables the End to End dimension by linking Blue Prism robotics software across end to end value streams. Our clients can now deploy enhanced services by building automated processes that can be easily triggered by customers to front office environment or back office systems and operations.

TrustPortal empowers the Team by Team dimension through enabling real time passing of data between human and robot. This increases front office productivity, speeds up the delivery of tasks and improves the customer experience benefiting both customers and organisations.

Finally through facilitating the integration of Blue Prism robotics software into digital environments, TrustPortal supports the Again and Again dimension of sustainability and scalability."

James Lascelles Partner and leader of Baringa's Automation Practice

About TrustPortal Solutions

TrustPortal is a dynamic software company focusing on innovative developments in the Robotics Process Automation (RPA) industry. With proven industry wide solutions, TrustPortal is well positioned to become a world leader in enabling Human to Robot (H2R) digital services. TrustPortal's secure and scalable solutions deliver new levels of productivity and cost savings to enterprise wide automation strategies.

TrustPortal/Blue Prism press release: click here

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