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The Digital Workforce is here and is fueled by the rapid growth of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). As the pioneer in this market, Blue Prism's trusted RPA platform enables users to interact with any given automated process in real time. The Blue Prism/TrustPortal integration combines Blue Prism's Digital Workforce Operating System with TrustPortal's secure, dynamic front-end user interface. This combination of human-assisted and robot automation gives enterprises the ability to easily introduce human interactions into complex processes.


The TrustPortal integration with Blue Prism's software robots make it possible for human actions and activities to be seamlessly embedded into automated end-to-end processes across new and legacy systems. Organizations can now simply and securely manage robot-to-human digital labor interactions within a single process, without the need for desktop-hosted (RDA) components.

The TrustPortal platform is a highly functional SaaS or On-Premise platform with digital front-end capabilities, RSA encryption, dynamic form creation, and a drag-and-drop functionality that uses Blue Prism's workflow.

This integration means that workers can now interact directly within an RPA process - extending the automation of more complex and time-consuming interactions to help organizations accelerate digital workforce transformation.


Blue Prism software robots perform repetitive tasks on the back end, while TrustPortal dynamically generates relevant request interactions with customers, front office agents, and cross-company staff. Together, Blue Prism and TrustPortal help enterprises realize better productivity for front and back-office employees, customers, and partners, automating manual tasks via a single dynamic and secure environment. Organizational benefits include:

  • A dynamic digital user interface with software robots that link customer self service and front- and back- office operations as digitized end-to-end activities - ideal for attended robotics in contact centers

  • Digital replacement of existing paper forms that are dynamically managed with robots in any legacy system, and RSA encryption to safeguard customer-to-company information sharing

  • Ability to digitally connect chatbots (Trustbot), IVR/voice recognition, or other omni-channel technologies to legacy systems to minimize employee interaction, unless intervention is required


The combination of Blue Prism's intelligent automation expertise and TrustPortal's digital platform offers a world of possibilities for enterprises that need to streamline complex processes, including such advantages as:

  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity: Digital interaction with legacy systems is often technically or cost- prohibitive. With TrustPortal/Blue Prism, any process can be digitized and automated end-to-end. For example, when robots carry out repetitive, rules-based activities at contact centers, agents can manage higher value, complex interactions - increasing agent productivity and improving customer engagement and operational metrics

  • Cost Savings & Customer Service: Increased efficiency translates into a significant reduction vs. the cost of manual processes - delivered much more quickly, more accurately, and with higher customer satisfaction.

  • Security & Compliance: Leading encryption technology ensures that only authorized "key" holders can access the data and that all data held in TrustPortal is secure (this includes UK Government / ISO27001 hosting and security, data in UK, SHA512 encrypted).

  • Easy to Use & Intuitive: TrustPortal and Blue Prism allow the integration of any enterprise system with new technology in response to customer demand - including real-time engagement through web, mobile, chatbot and voice channels - to help streamline the decision-making process.


Enterprise and government organizations have embraced automation. The Blue Prism/TrustPortal integration gives organizations the ability to automate end-to-end processes. TrustPortal's highly secure, dynamic, digital user interface connects customers, contact center agents, employees and customers with Blue Prism's automated robotic processes for a more efficient workforce.

About Blue Prism

As the pioneer, innovator and market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) delivers the world's most successful Digital Workforce with software robots that automate repetitive administrative tasks and meet the requirements of the most demanding IT environments. Blue Prism provides a scalable and robust execution platform for best-of-breed AI and cognitive technologies and has emerged as the trusted and secure RPA platform of choice for the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

About TrustPortal

TrustPortal is a dynamic software company focusing on innovative developments in the RPA industry. With proven industry-wide solutions, TrustPortal is well positioned to become a world leader in enabling Robot-to- Human (R2H) digital services. TrustPortal's secure and scalable solutions deliver new levels of productivity, cost savings and interaction simplicity to enterprise-wide automation strategies.

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