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Transforming the customer experience

TrustPortal is an enterprise-scale platform that digitises and automates your operations in a simple, low risk and cost effective way

TrustPortal helps companies increase the digitisation and automation of their operations through implementing simple incremental capabilities:

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Lets staff help robots to automate more

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Helps staff handle phone calls more productively

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Remove unnecessary paper and emails, and reduce call volumes

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Deliver a great, digital end-to-end service

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Introduce AI

in a managed, easy way across the enterprise

TrustPortal is ideal for either:

  • Existing Blue Prism customers that want to increase the scale and range of automation they can perform from the front- to the back-office.

  • Organisations without RPA, but with significant legacy IT, that wish to digitise and transform their operations in a rapid, incremental, low-cost but controlled manner

TrustPortal Extends the Reach of

Blue Prism RPA

There has been huge growth in the use of Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) tools such as Blue Prism in the last few years. Software “digital workers” can now perform the mundane, repetitive administrative work currently done by people. RPA is a fraction of the cost of people, and sets itself apart by being available 24/7 and operating with 100% accuracy.

However, while RPA has enormous potential, today's organisations and their processes are designed around humans. RPA has struggled to automate end to end processes designed for humans and is not delivering large scale impact within organisations.


TrustPortal can unleash the full, enterprise-scale potential of RPA, and specifically the market-leading RPA software, Blue Prism.

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TrustPortal allows the best of both worlds, allowing RPA to help staff and customers, but also allowing humans to help RPA. With TrustPortal, organisations can digitise a large proportion of their current processes, from the front to the back-office, and truly transform the economics, staff productivity, customer service and lower the risk of their existing operations.


And best of all, at less than 10% of the cost of traditional approaches, TrustPortal and Blue Prism can deliver digitisation across man and machine for any organisation. Blue Prism's no code solution can connect with any system and TrustPortal is used to extend the reach of Blue Prism's RPA platform to provide new digital and human processes for organisations.